Champions and Cup winners 2009-2010 !!!
Yobovs!!! The season is over, and it was the best football season ever experienced. In our 10th anniversary, Hapoel Tel Aviv did it and won the double, at the 92nd minute, in a super exciting game at the stadium of one of our worst enemies the racist scum of beitar Jerusalem. Titles are fine, cups and championships makes us happy, but the derby is above all. This season we crushed the yellow blue bastards 2 times : 1:0 and 4:2, and on the last derby, two games before the end of the season, those bastard nationalists managed to squeeze a 0:0 draw from us and celebrated as if they won the championship, because they thought they destroyed ours by not letting us win and get those precious 3 points. Well...we let them celebrate for one week, and then, we went to Jerusalem, our second biggest enemy, and took the championship over there. To make their extreme racist supporters see our Muslim captain lift the championship trophy in front of their eyes was the perfect moment of all. Justice has been made with all enemies this season. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters from gate 9 and USP for the great season you had perfect timing for all of us celebrating together finally. Outside of football matters UH99 and Red workers did some very important social work this season within the community of Hapoel Tel Aviv supporters and outside to the poor and people in need around us. It was a very fruitful season in this aspect and we plan to continue and strengthen our activities of aid to those who are in need. UNITED WE STAND

  | Posted on 27/06/2010, 15:39:07 | News archive