Maccabi Tel Aviv (Basketball)

Franco had Real Madrid, Ceausescu had Dynamo Bucarest, Israel has Maccabi Tel Aviv's basketball club. Which Israeli leadership you ask? All of them...

If you don't live in Israel,you will never fully understand how absurd the situation really is - Foreign players that receive Israeli citizenship in a rushed procedure, Ministers that carry proudly the title "friends of the department", Millions of the taxpayers dollars are being transferred to the club through the IBA, Referees and basketball association that self-deprecate in front of Shimon Mizrahi, Maccabi's chairman, National media that obeys the club's every order, and the list goes on and on.

Maccabi used populism and pseudo fascism in order to establish itself as "The national team", and in Israel, supporting Maccabi's opponents in European competitions is considered treason. We are proud traitors.

Maccabi Tel Aviv (Football)

The basketball club's baby sister. An arrogant, condescending, pompous, megalomaniac club, with fans to match.

Beitar Jerusalem (Football)

Possibly the most repulsive club on earth. Fascist, racist fans, with management that goes along with them.